Living Wage Kingston

The simple answer:  A Living Wage is an hourly rate of pay that provides a family with enough to live on.   Not merely to subsist or survive.  But to afford everyday expenses.

Housing,  Decent food,  Clothing,  Utilities,  Child care, A vehicle, Internet access, Supplementary health benefits – dental, eyeglasses, prescriptions.

Kingston’s Living Wage doesn’t cover home ownership, saving for retirement or children’s post-secondary education.

Our local Living Wage for 2011 was calculated by the Kingston Community Roundtable on Poverty Reduction at $16.29 per hour  for  a family of four with children aged four and seven.   It is based on both parents working full-time for 37.5 hours a week. Deductions for taxes, CPP and EI have been subtracted and government transfers added. 

Ready To Do Better, the 2007 report of the Mayor’s Task Force on Poverty, recommended that the city adopt the principle of a living wage for all employees.