Living Wage Kingston

Who benefits from a living wage?

Earning enough to get by obviously helps workers most directly.  But a Living Wage for Kingston also benefits employers while generating positive impacts on the community as a whole.  Becoming a living wage community will make Kingston a more attractive place for workers and a better place to do business.

*Benefits for workers

The Living Wage of $16.29 is fairer than Ontario‚Äôs poverty-level minimum wage of $10.25, set in March 2010.  It would lift thousands out of poverty.   Some 13 per cent of Kingstonians have been identified as working poor.  A Living Wage would offer them a better quality of life, improved health and enhanced opportunities for education and skill upgrading.

*Benefits for employers

Living Wage Kingston will invest considerable energy in a public recognition campaign to identify responsible employers. Employers who pay all their staff at or above the Living Wage can expect to enjoy decreased turnover rates. This in turn reduces turnover rates while boosting morale, productivity and loyalty.

*Benefits for the community

People earning more will naturally spend more.  And much of this consumer spending can be expected to remain in the local economy.  People who are less stressed about getting by financially can be expected to assist others.  This increased civic participation benefits everybody as more people volunteer, becoming active in community associations.