Living Wage Kingston


Building a Prosperous Kingston – Together

                                                                   Above the Poverty Line

We Want Everyone to be Working    

You can try to change the math.   Shuffle the bills on the kitchen table.   Should you keep popping painkillers to deal with that gnawing toothache?   Or do you pay for a trip to the dentist?  And if you do, can you put off the hydro bill and risk disconnection?   Maybe you should head for a food bank….Why do so many of our neighbors -- Kingston’s low-wage workers -- face impossible choices like this?

Because Ontario’s minimum wage isn’t called minimum for nothing.   In fact, it’s so minimal that working at a full time minimum wage job still leaves you below the poverty line.  And anyone who’s looked for work knows that lots of service sector jobs in Kingston are part time.  Or short term.  Or both.  Nearly one in five Canadians earns less than ten dollars an hour.

That’s why concerned citizens have organized Living Wage Kingston. Our motto is Will work for living wage.

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Watch our movie There is Nothing Funny About Living Wage.